You are currently viewing Elevate your ketosis with BreePoot’s Professional Ketone Breath Analyzer : Level Up with Precision Monitoring and 10 Mouthpieces.
Professional Ketone Breath Analyzer

Elevate your ketosis with BreePoot’s Professional Ketone Breath Analyzer : Level Up with Precision Monitoring and 10 Mouthpieces.

Unlock Ketosis Insights with the Professional Ketone Breath Analyzer from BreePoot – Your Essential Ketone Breath Meter and Tester with 10 Mouthpieces for Precise Ketosis Monitoring

Elevate your ketosis with BreePoot's Professional Ketone Breath Analyzer : Level Up with Precision Monitoring and 10 Mouthpieces.

Unlock Ketosis Insights with the Professional Ketone Breath Analyzer from BreePoot - Your Essential Ketone Breath Meter and Tester with 10 Mouthpieces for Precise Ketosis Monitoring

Discover the Ease and Precision of Ketosis Monitoring with Our Ketone Breath Analyzer – A User-Friendly Device for Effortless Keto Life Tracking!

Say goodbye to finger pricks and the continuous expense of buying testing strips. Our ketone breath meter is your reliable companion on the keto journey, offering a convenient and cost-effective way to monitor your ketosis levels. With the ability to replace mouthpieces, this device ensures repeated use, saving you money and providing a hassle-free experience.

Getting started is a breeze – exhaust the ketone breath analyzer before your initial use by following a simple procedure. Once turned on, wait for the 20-second countdown to finish, and repeat this process 1-2 times (without blowing). After this, you’re ready for your first test. Blow into the monitor within the first 5-6 seconds when “blo” appears on the display, as the ketone breath tester begins analyzing your breath right after this time frame.

Our breath ketone meter is equipped to measure six levels of ketones, ranging up to 99 PPM (0.0-99). The readings are presented in PPM (Part Per Million), and the device features three LED indications for easy interpretation – Green Light (Successful Ketosis Reading), Amber Light (Low Battery), and Red Light (Unsuccessful Ketosis Reading). Powering the keto tester device is easy, requiring 2 AA batteries (not included but readily available).

This keto breath monitor is designed for simplicity, featuring a one-button operation to obtain ketone readings. Readings between 0.0-1.9 PPM indicate that you are not yet in a ketosis state, while readings between 10-39 PPM signify a stable state of ketosis – the optimal ketone zone. For more detailed reading information, refer to the comprehensive description page.

It’s essential to note that there may be a time lag before your ketone levels drop after consuming high-carb foods. This lag varies for each individual and depends on the duration of your keto journey. Our ketone breath analyzer empowers you with real-time insights into your ketosis levels, ensuring you stay on track with your keto lifestyle.

Experience the ultimate convenience, accuracy, and affordability in ketosis monitoring with our ketone breath meter. Take the guesswork out of your keto journey and embrace a seamless, user-friendly way to track your ketone levels. Get started with our ketone breath analyzer and enjoy the benefits of hassle-free, at-home ketosis testing today!


Product Description

Unlocking the Secrets of Accurate Ketone Readings: Your Comprehensive Guide to Optimal Ketosis Monitoring!

Embarking on your keto journey? Our ketone breath analyzer is your go-to companion for seamless and accurate ketosis tracking. To ensure precision, it’s crucial to follow some essential tips for the best results.

Before your initial use, exhaust the monitor to eliminate any residuals. Each ketone breath analyzer undergoes testing during production, and residues may be present. If testing for multiple individuals consecutively, kindly exhaust previous residuals by repeating the warm-up procedure 1-2 times (without blowing).

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using the ketone breath meter effectively:

  1. Power Up: Utilize 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included) to power the device.
  2. Initiate Warm-Up: Press the power button for 3 seconds to start the device.
  3. Warm-Up and Exhaust Residuals: Repeat the warm-up procedure 1-2 times without blowing to eliminate any residuals.
  4. Blow for 5-6 Seconds: During testing, blow immediately within the first 5-6 seconds when “blo” is displayed on the ketosis tester. The ketone breath tester analyzes the breath right after this timeframe.
  5. Analyzing and Reading: The ketone meter analyzes the sample, and the reading is displayed.

Understanding the Breath Acetone Concentration Readings (PPM):

  • 0 ~ 1.9 PPM: Not in ketosis or on the verge of entering ketosis.
  • 2.0 ~ 3.9 PPM: Very early stage of ketosis.
  • 4.0 ~ 9.9 PPM: Light status of ketosis, with the body burning fat at a low pace.
  • 10 ~ 39 PPM: Optimal level of ketosis, representing the stable fat-burning zone where fat becomes the primary energy source.
  • 40 ~ 59 PPM: Caution! Approaching a high level of ketosis. Adjust your level to under 40 PPM.
  • 60 ~ 99 PPM: Danger! Too high a level of ketosis, indicating ketoacidosis.

The ketone breath meter features three LED indications for easy interpretation:

  • Green Light: Successful Ketosis Reading
  • Amber Light: Low Battery
  • Red Light: Unsuccessful Ketosis Reading

In the package, you’ll find:

  • 1x Ketone breath analyzer device
  • 10x Mouthpieces
  • 1x User’s Manual

Experience the convenience and accuracy of our ketone breath analyzer, ensuring you stay on track with your keto goals. Monitor your ketosis levels effectively, make informed decisions, and achieve success on your keto journey. Get started with our user-friendly ketone breath meter today!

BreePoot’s Professional Ketone Breath Analyzer Pros & Cons



Professional Ketone Breath Analyzer


In conclusion, our Ketone Breath Analyzer emerges as an indispensable companion for individuals committed to optimizing their keto journey. This innovative device redefines the landscape of ketosis monitoring, offering a seamless and pain-free alternative to traditional methods. With its cost-efficient design allowing repeated use through mouthpiece replacement, users can save money while enjoying the convenience of at-home testing.

The device’s LED indicators provide clear insights, ensuring users can interpret results with ease. Its wide ketone range, from 0 to 99 PPM, enables a comprehensive understanding of ketosis status across various levels. The portable and compact nature of the analyzer allows for on-the-go monitoring, empowering users to stay in control of their ketosis levels anywhere, anytime.

The Ketone Breath Analyzer stands as a testament to accuracy and reliability, earning the endorsement of keto experts and healthcare professionals. Its user-friendly operation, supported by a large LCD display, facilitates quick and precise readings. The accumulative memory feature further aids users in tracking their ketone journey, providing valuable data for informed decision-making.

While users need to procure 2 AA alkaline batteries separately, the learning curve for first-time users and individual time lag in ketone level reflection are minor considerations that are easily overcome with practice. The avoidance of high-carb foods before testing ensures accurate results, aligning with the device’s commitment to providing trustworthy readings.

With a supportive U.S.-based customer service team and a lifetime warranty, our Ketone Breath Analyzer not only guarantees quality but also reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction. In essence, this device transcends the limitations of traditional ketosis monitoring, offering a holistic solution for those striving to achieve and maintain optimal ketosis levels. Elevate your keto experience with the Ketone Breath Analyzer – your gateway to precision, convenience, and success in the world of ketosis.